At DixiePac, we believe that your application requires specific film characteristics. That’s why we offer a variety of films from Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) that carries a full line of polyolefin shrink film machines, shrink film roll and packaging to meet the customer needs.

We are engaged in offering a wide range of industrial shrink wrapping machines available in automatic shrink wrap machines and portable shrink wrap machines. These machines wrap, heat, and seal items at the same time in a more intuitive manner. It is manufactured in IPG’s U.S. and Canadian facilities; these unique polyolefin shrink film machines are available in a wide choice of gauges, widths, and film designs, including print-treated and perforated. All Exlfilm® shrink films comply with FDA standards for direct contact with food and are 100% recyclable.

Technology-driven… IPG’s vision to improve its product line begins with a commitment to research and development. Dedicated to creating industry standards, IPG has engineered its unique Exlfilmplus™ family of cross-linked films, which seal on all types of equipment and across a wider range of temperatures.

Shrink Film has 1000′s of applications. You can use it on Wallpaper, Posters, DVD’s, VCR tapes, Candy, Ice Cream, Pizza and other food products. Our Film is popular with farmers, growers, retailers, and wholesalers. It’s FDA Approved for contact with food. Similarly, we also provide stretch film machines in manual and automatic stretch wrap machines and can be used in multiple ways.

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