Our best quality steel strapping machine is available in a wide range of sizes and gauges to accommodate your steel strapping equipment requirements. Our edge conditioned steel strapping ensures a safe, rounded edge that is problem-free during application. Our High Tensile and Heavy Duty strapping conforms to Government, Railroad and ASTM specifications and is marked in accordance with the requirements of the Association of American Railroads (AAR). We deal in every type of top quality stainless steel strapping tools to cater your business needs. Contact or email us today!


Regular Duty Steel Strapping

Part #Width and Gauge (in.)Nominal Break Strength (lbs.)WindingFinishFt./Lb.Coil Weight (lbs.)Coils per SkidAVG. Weight per Skid (lbs.)
SS3815RDTE3/8 X .0155665T.E. OscillatedBrown52.2990-10012840
SS3820RD3/8 X .020880OscillatedBlack39.22105-115121120
SS3820RDTE3/8 X .020880T.E. OscillatedBrown39.2290-10012960
SS1215RD1/2 X .015890OscillatedBlack39.22105-115121150
SS1220RD1/2 X .0201180OscillatedBlack29.42105-115121200
SS1223RD1/2 X .0231350OscillatedBlack25.58105-115121170
SS5820RD5/8 X .0201470OscillatedBlack23.53105-115121150
SS5823RD5/8 X .0231690OscillatedBlack20.46105-115121140
SS3420RD3/4 X .0201765OscillatedBlack19.61105-115121120
SS3420RD-P3/4 X .0201255OscillatedBlack Punched19.61105-115121120
SS3423RD3/4 X .0232025OscillatedBlack17.05105-115121150

*Number of coils per skid, weight of coil and skid weight vary.


High-Tensile (Heat Treated) Steel Strapping


Part #Width and Gauge (in.)Nominal Break Strength (lbs.)WindingFinishFt./Lb.Coil Weight (lbs.)Coils per SkidAVG. Weight per Skid (lbs.)
SS1220HT1/2 X .0201485OscillatedBlack29.42105-115121300
SS5820HT5/8 X 0201855OscillatedBlack23.53105-115121200
SS5820HTZE5/8 X 0201855OscillatedZinc23.53105-115121200
SS5823HT5/8 X .0232130OscillatedBlack20.46105-115121150
SS3420HT3/4 X .0202230OscillatedBlack19.61105-115121270
SS3422HT3/4 X .0222445OscillatedBlack17.40105-115121280
SS3425HT3/4 X .0252770OscillatedBlack15.69105-115121265
SS3425HTZE3/4 X .0252770OscillatedZinc15.69105-115121110
SS3429HTRW3/4 X .0293205RibbonBlack13.3080-100322270
SS3429HT3/4 X .0293205OscillatedBlack13.30105-115121250
SS11425HT1 1/4 X .0254620RibbonBlack9.41105-115202000
SS11429HT1 1/4 X .0295530RibbonBlack8.11105-115202000
SS11429HTBLU1 1/4 X .0295530RibbonBlue8.11105-115202000
SS11429HTZE1 1/4 X .0295530RibbonZinc8.11105-115202000
SS11429HT-P1 1/4 X .0294020RibbonBlack Punched8.11105-115202000
SS11435HT1 1/4 X .0356655RibbonBlack6.72120-130202090
SS11444HT1 1/4 X .0447900RibbonBlack5.35105-115202150
SS244HT2 X .04412900RibbonBlack3.34120-130151850
SS11431HT1 1/4 X .0315620RibbonBlack7.59105-115201960
SS3431HT3/4 x .0313370OscillatedBlack12.65105-115121220

*Number of coils per skid, weight of coil and skid weight vary.


Key TermDescription
Coil SizesOn a standard coil of steel the inside diameter measures 16 inches, the outside diameter measures 23 inches.
High TensileHigh Tensile strapping is manufactured from special analysis cold rolled steel and heat treated to provide high tensile strength and ductability. High tensile strength affords extra protection and shock resistance under all strapping conditions.
Oscillated WoundAn oscillated wound coil is uniformly and tightly wound across the 2 1/2″ width of the coil.
Painted and WaxedPainted and waxed strapping provides corrosion resistance. This finish is available in Super Duty and High Tensile strap sizes and can be used in notch or crimp type seal systems. It’s primary advantage is improved tension transmission around the load corners. Waxed strapping is required for feed wheel type tensioners.
Regular DutyRegular Duty steel strapping is manufactured from cold rolled steel under rigid controls. Precise uniformity in width, gauge control and finish ensures trouble free operation with both manual and pneumatic tools.
Ribbon WoundEach layer is wound directly over the one below it so that the width of the strapping is the width of the coil.
Standard Coils Per SkidThere are 12 coils per skid for oscillated wound steel. Although the number of coils per skid for Ribbon wound steel can vary, the majority of ribbon wound products contain 20 coils per skid.
Zinc painted and waxedZinc finish strapping is waxed and has a zinc coating to provide outstanding resistance to rust. Available in a variety of Super Duty and High Tensile sizes, it has the same improved tension transmission characteristics as the painted and waxed strapping. Zinc finish protects against surface damage and scratches.

Two Piece Set-up

Definitely the most economical way to start your strapping operation.  One tool tensions and the other places the seal on the strapping for a secure fit.

Combination Tools

For increased speed and efficiency, combination tools eliminate the need for a separate tensioner and sealer.  Some require magazine loaded seals, and others eliminate the seals altogether by cutting and inter-locking the strap.

Pneumatic Tools

For maximum speed and efficiency, pneumatic tensioners and sealers are available for a variety of strap widths and thicknesses.

Strapping Dispensers

A good, heavy-duty dispenser is a must for safe, efficient strapping operation.  We have dispensers for oscillated or ribbon wound coils, with tool trays and heavy duty wheels.

Call us today to find out which tools best suit your specific needs!


Closed Pusher-Type 
The strap is pre-threaded through the seal prior to tensioning. The overlapping flange feature provides the required strength as the tensioner pushes against the edge of the seal.

Semi-Open (Snap-On)

Used for heavy duty or high tensile, the open flange allows placement over the strap, before or after tensioning.

Fast and easy to use, open seals can be placed over the strap before or after tensioning.